lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

Model 72C Cut Grooved / Outlet Fitting / Shurjoint / Edcos

Model 72C Cut Grooved  Outlet Fitting  Shurjoint
Model 72C Cut Grooved  Outlet Fitting  Shurjoint

The Model 72C cut grooved outlet fittings are designed to take out a grooved-end outlet at any desired position of the header with one weld-pass.   The Model 72C is made of standard wall (Sch.40) pipe with the carbon range of 0.05% – 0.25%. The Model 72C is most recommended for connection with the Sch. 40 header pipe. The weld end is provided with a 1.6 mm land around the full circumference to assure full penetration weld. The 72C fittings are recommended for services up to 300 psi (20 Bar).

Recommended Hole Sizes
The holes can be cut prior or subsequent to installation of the R-Let. The advantage of cutting a hole after welding is that
the pipe will stay intact during welding and eliminates the likelihood of shrinkage and or distortion of the pipe. If holes
are cut prior to welding, as some codes require, refer to the recommended hole saw sizes listed.

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